Fun is Coworking!

We started a new coworking business after months of deliberating on the merits of venturing into a brick and mortar venture with no certainty of a profitable future.

The journey actually started about four months before the onset of the Corona when we decided to invest in someone else’s business but did not know how to go about doing that.

In the beginning, was a desire to buy equity in a digital marketing company. We soon gave up on the idea since most of what was out there was unorganised without a sustainable business model and we just didn’t know enough to judge if invested money will ever be recovered.

Then I met this dynamic founder who was on his way to giving the world affordable coworking spaces by working with pubs and bars that had no business during the day time. We soon forged a partnership after I invested in his company. This spurred a desire to venture further in coworking.

That is when another exciting opportunity knocked and our coworking venture was born in January 2020. For a while things were good. We managed to rope in our first customer even before we opened.

Enter the virus and matters started to get complicated because everything came to a standstill. On top of all this, we had to deal with staff, lease payments, and follow up with customers to keep them interested in our business. Everything appeared dark and bleak since the lockdown kept getting extended.

At this point, we decided to explore alternates and the idea that we could start online events to engage our captive community of coworking use and individuals outside our circle of influence. If we play this well, we also could go international.

So far we have done several events and are generally on the right track. Beyond the lockdown, we will blend the online with the offline to create events that can cater to a wide audience

What saved the day for us was the social media marketing and online communication tools such as Zoom and Skype. Not forgetting, opened new frontiers and channels of communication and collaboration.

Digitally speaking, we are fully converted to the new way of doing things and in times when calling, whatsapping, and other mediums of reaching people for business promotion is taboo, social media marketing literally saved the day for us.

We are now enthused and reenergized with the potential of digital marketing, social media outreach, content marketing, a good website, etc. and what to reopen the investment option in a digital marketing venture. Now wiser by miles compared to how we were months ago, we will start searching for a potential target that fits our budget and investment philosophy.

First things first, we are opening our coworking doors to all those moonlighters, freelancers, part-timers who need a clean and internet-connected office space to work and grow. All those who work after dark will enjoy a no-hassle rent-free modern space from 9pm to 6am.

Smart move, we think! Since this will grow our community and in the process, we might find a new partner to complement our businesses; and potentially end our search for a digitally relevant partner.

Digitally, we would have arrived!