Selling is both an art and a science.

To sell you need a lasting product or provide an instant service experience.

What sells in the end is the experience.

Online is no different than offline.

People come to an event, webinar, seminar or even a family gathering to be educated or entertained.

Networking is a by product of special and good energy that is flowing around that bonds people together.

Tribe building is the new trend.

Tribes are the new micro networks. They have been around but identities have been fuzzy.

Stay loyal to your tribe and be rewarded.

Identity match making is now the new normal.

People are looking for relevance not legacy.

Legacy building is no more trending.

Hashtags are the new cashtags. No one cares who posted what. No one owns content.

Content is king but trust is the emperor.

No more faking it. Show the real you and get the attention.

Homemade does better than tailormade.

Young are no longer the only resource that is relevant.

Society is democratising faster than the speed of light.

New means old since new becomes old faster than you can snap your fingers.

Personal branding is a dying phenomenon.

Give now, take more later.

Planet is resetting and us as settlers are better than ready to welcome the new her.

We are children of this planet that needs us as much as we need her.

Nature is our eternal mother.

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